55th European Society of Paediatric Radiology

The 41st two-day postgraduate course May 14 – 15, and the 55th three-day Scientific Meeting May 16 -18, will be held in Marina Congress Center seaside in the very heart of the Helsinki city.

The postgraduate course May 14 – 15 is directed to the radiologists working with children, soon graduating and the ones already having hands on experience. The topics will cover all organ systems, trauma, vascular anomalies, organ transplantation and fetal imaging.
Concurrent sessions for the radiographers working with children is organized for the same two days May 14-15 2019. The themes will cover communication, quality improvement and dose optimization, with all modalities. Both radiologists and radiographers are welcome to visit each other’s’ sessions, which are peppered with the spice of excellence of the medical physicists.

The ESPR Scientific Meeting May 16 -18 will offer keynote lectures followed by new knowledge in the form of scientific abstracts, also educational and ESPR Taskforce sessions.