ECR har en fråga...

Fyll i enkäten!

"Dear Dr. Ståhlbrandt,

I hope you are well!

Herewith, I am just checking if you received the big survey that ESR sent out on the role of radiologist on January 13th and again on February 3rd?

I would be incredibly grateful if you could fill it out (maybe you already have!) plus please if you do not mind, disseminate the email to your consultant colleagues?

I was given this task by Prof. Lorenzo E. Derchi, Chairman of the ESR Board of Directors, to get an in-depth sense of how we see ourselves and our role.
The survey was sent to the ESR full radiologist members (2019/2020).

We are trying to really get a sense of our role, visibility, and relationships in our workplace.
So the more responses we get the better.

I am truly grateful for your collaboration and help in this respect!

Many thanks!


Andrea Rockall,
ESR National Societies Committee Chair